Withdrawn From A Crowded Party

we are so much better
with our heads on low than up high
yet still we throw our time to monsters
like chunks of flesh
now i am with the dog
she is a mutt
and someone from the party tied
a bunch of red balloons around her waist
i hold her up
we float into a tree
and mutilate the rodents
there is so much left to do
on me
that i can’t sleep
tell me
does this love intend for me
to sit and stay
inside there is a constant
where everything is settled
give me fences to go over
give me three loud bangs
without a bedroom pleading

don’t let your boyfriend
see me naked
i want to be naked at this party
can i be that way in here?


  1. thispoet

    ‘…there is so much left to do
    on me
    that i can’t sleep …’
    This is where I found the centre of your poem. For me, everything moves out from those lines – a still point in a work full of vivid activity. Beautiful, as always.

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