Come Down Molly

I remember because it was the same day
the weed stopped working, the same afternoon in my adult voice
that I had declined to measure myself
on my grandmother’s garage wall. The night before
I had taken four points of MDMA
and forgot to read up about how my receptors might never recover
Now the clouds and trees have switched
The blankets I wrap around myself
are cold so they are also wet. It’s now

but all over. I’m wearing this ridiculous animal beanie
that my girlfriend looks beautiful in
I swear she looks too beautiful, she is light
from behind and in front of the trees. and i am slender
i am slender against the night and swatted well
before i can suck anything from its darkness.
i shall hover here just barely over the fenceline, appearing
like creature in my ridiculous hat, and maybe
if I’m lucky the neighbor girls will show up
well within their rights to shoot me. It is good, I hear
to be part of the rules working. then again


  1. Momina Mela

    this is a very courageous piece. I always feel that poetry should be brutally honest and you portrayed that wonderfully. I can almost imagine you wearing ‘the ridiculous beanie hat’ that your girlfriend wears.

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