1. Andrew Rssman


    Thought: are they breaks or overlaps? Are they what ties times together?

    Love reading these Britt! You offer new prospective in my life.

    • Britt Luttrell

      Drew! I love the thought of tying time together with these breaks, or overlaps as you say. Maybe that’s why standing on the edge of things feels so amazing.

      Thanks for visiting! means a lot.

  2. NigelG

    Line breaks – don’t get me started. For me, there is always a tension between the natural pause/rhythms of speech and the aesthetic look of the poem, Perhaps no line breaks is the answer [rhythmical prose]. Anyway, what a great idea you had comparing to line breaks in nature – it implies the aesthetic look is totally artificial, which of course it is. Wow, this has really got me thinking.. great photos btw. Enjoyed stopping by and will do again. Thanks for liking my Leonard Cohen poem.

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