Decide again to love. Find a place on the roof. Take a picture of yourself Prove the existence of ghosts. Drink until you are warm enough to excite the molecules of fear. Leave in great bravery. Yell at women offering directions Swear upon the Northernness of frost bank tower, the Southernness of joy. Look for car. Find car without the ability to drive it. Look for love. Find love without the ability to drive it. Recognize the arch of the homeless shelter its men sleeping on coarse sacks. Sleep on the ground. Dream of women. Wake to women taking pictures of themselves outside the homeless shelter, outside the living’s glass, outside a river of mud where clothes are washed, babies offered Deliver your hands of hatred. Wonder what is friendship, if not the stalking of sex or killing. Ignore the ripeness of anger, its fruit falling at your feet. Decide again to love. Decide that love is just a decision – it is safe from who we are


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