Guerrero Park

In the same vein
hands are laced
of lovers walking

Runners erect
their running stances
filling with air

like animals do
to avoid
being eaten

I am guilty of this
And pulling away my dog
from his interests

Something about today
though. I am
in touch

A hand has drawn the sun
a little closer,
cracking it

like an egg
the water

I let my dog stop
and sniff
whatever he wants

and gaze upon a duck
at the edge
of the spillway

I will be a new man
when I have forgotten
this day

and can read on it again
its fishing men

like ants in a sink
twitching in the spray
of a silver faucet

They won’t catch much
Most of the fish
are sent downstream

through a bypass
in the dam. Shall we
go to the end today?

Where heron stand
aloft in
their jubilant arches

their faces
on the water


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