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Section 8 Magazine

Hey guys

The good animals over at Section 8 Magazine were nice enough to publish a few of my poems. They did some very cool visual stuff with my words.  I appreciate them!  If you appreciate me, or them, or anyone really, go check it out!

“Every poem should remind the reader that they are going to die.”
-Walt Whitman

Happy Boxing Day!


Topless Swimming Pool at Rattle.com

I am the featured poet today on Rattle.com! You should check it out. It’s one of my favorite poems about criticizing God and boobs.

Rattle is a long-running print publication of amazing, modern poetry. You get four books a year for 20 dollars. It’s a fantastic entry point for new readers, as well as a challenging journal for experienced poets.

Again, I love you guys. I would like to buy you all a drink, should I see you.

Topless Swimming Pool (my poem) Out in Rattle!

rattle  hey.

I’m really excited to be published in Rattle. I’m in the same book as the Poet Laureate of California. And my poem got a mention in the official release!

I don’t say thank you to my readers enough. Thank you. Every time you’re here I notice.


ps  Rattle is an excellent publication filled with great poetry. You can get a year’s worth for like 20 dollars. I promise it will make your life better.


Leaving this here for me: