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Concession Speech at Recycling Bin

wondering what to do
with life, as if
it has just shown up

as if it were
this plasticy thing
in my hand
at the recycling bin
with the trash can
there next to it

maybe I’ll just be grateful
for a closeness
to my dreams
as I am for the sun’s
beaches, as I am

for the sky
and some women
I never talk to

Columbus, Texas

I was unaware of the spaces you had claimed

And now when I close my eyes to drink
my lips stay dry and I am the desert
I itch and swirl like all of its sand
and am almost recognizable
at the posts of dehydrated soldiers
who see me and swear they just seen
Kat from The Parish flicking her skirt
with eyes hollowed out to the ocean
I remember your rooftop dressed
in awnings and icicles and how
far away it is, too far away to be shade
and these ripped up t-shirts
tied to my feet are burning through your smell

The stars behind your head are sitting on my chest