Future Fire Building

My job is to give
some hope of love
to the woman
at the bus-stop, the one
with her binoculars
who tells a story
of buses coming
and gets the kids off their music
She is built for love
We are all built for love
somehow, even with our
breathing and water sloshing
Even with our bones
in perfect sleep position
against our poses
Even with so many acres
of blood, being able
to see our blood for miles
as if structures
had been lifted from it
How can there be room
for such a giant-chested
lightness as love?
That feels like someone
pointing the way
with their fist?
How high is the river?
Tell me again
about the good old days, when
nothing mattered more
than a fire
built suitably


  1. Jeremy Nathan Marks

    Bravo, Britt. “Half our women/ have pout lines/ from taking too many selfies.”

    Oh, that’s just awesome. I wish I’d said it.

    • Britt Luttrell

      I think when I get wrinkles they will congregate right between my eyebrows, from looking confused.

      Did you know we’ve been following each others poetry for ~2 years? I think that’s neat. I think (I hope) I’ve said it before but I really do appreciate your presence. You help me think about my work in different ways.

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